Early Morning Sun – Family Photo Session in Oakville

Tracy, Neal and Robert have had family photo sessions on and off over the years, but almost always while away on vacation.  So, this time they decided they wanted the setting to be a little closer to home.  The green space behind Neal’s office provided an ideal location, and since we met early on a Sunday morning there wasn’t another soul around.  Many photographers target photo sessions to the “Golden Hour” of the late evening, just before sunset (as do I), but there’s also an equally magical light in the early morning.  Since this family are generally early risers, it suited perfectly.  Another bonus that we hadn’t appreciated when we booked the photo session was what an opportunity we were taking advantage of.  A massive storm rolled in within 30 minutes of the end of our session, and it poured rain the rest of the day!

Family of threeFamily photo session in Glen Abbey

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